Please circle one answer.


1) Which dance style does Cha-cha-cha belong to?

a.      International Standard

b.      International Latin

c.      American Smooth

d.      American Rhythm


2)  What kind of dance styles does Interclub Academy of Dance offer?

a.       Latin/Rhythm

b.      Ballroom/Smooth

c.       Hip-hop

d.      All above


3)  Does Interclub Academy of Dance have Zumba classes for kids and adults?

a.       Yes

b.      No


4)  How many “Shows” does Interclub Academy of Dance have during the year?

a.       1

b.      2

c.       3

d.      4


5)  What is the starting age for taking classes at Interclub Academy of Dance?

a.       2

b.      3

c.       3 1/2

d.      4


6)  What is the name of our new teacher?

a.       Iwona Rybczynska

b.      Marcin Strozyk

c.       Vaneza Perez

d.      Monika Pyrgiel


7)  How many dance competitions did Erwin & Iwona Rybczynski participate at this year?

a.       8

b.      2

c.       5

d.      1


8)  How much credit can you get for referring 3 friends to Interclub Academy of Dance?

a.       $10

b.      $30

c.       $50

d.      $70


9)  How big is the space of Interclub Academy of Dance?

a.       1000 square feet

b.      2000 square feet

c.       4000 square feet

d.      5200 square feet


10)  When was the current new location of Interclub Academy of Dance opened?

a.       March 2013

b.      February 2008

c.       October 2009

d.      July 1999












Answers to the Trivia:

  1.        b. or d. (both are correct)
  2.        d.
  3.        a.
  4.        c.
  5.        b.
  6.        c.
  7.        a.
  8.        d.
  9.        d.
  10.        b.