Private lessons are for anyone, not just competition bound dancers.

And we teach to children too!

Private dance lessons are great because the focus is solely on you. Once your teacher has identified what your goals are, he/she will teach you the material that will be most appropriate for your needs.

Because private lessons are typically taught one-to-one or one-to-two,(you and your partner) your teacher will have a lot more time to work with you individually which will lead to faster progress.

Your teacher will have sufficient time to find out your “problem areas” and give you specific techniques to improve them.

Call us @ 847-600-0088 to set up your own private lesson!

Adults  / Children (under 16)                                                                                       

1 private lesson – $80 single or couple for 45 min

   Child  –  $75. single or couple

10 private lessons (1 pkg)  – $765

   Child – $715.

20 private lessons (2nd pkg.) – $1,500

   Child – $1,400.