Monika Pyrgiel

Monika is another of the champion dance teachers at Interclub Academy of Dance.  She began taking dance classes at the age of 12 at the suggestion of her mother.  Monika was fortunate to have a dance studio right around the corner from where she lived.  Neither she nor her mother know that it was one of the best dance studios in Warsaw.

At 15 years of age she was one of the youngest dancers that earned the right to compete and her father would drive her to the many competitions. She and her partner were winning consistently and her father’s support was an additional source of dedication for her.

Monika trained 3-4 years under the instruction of a teacher who (along with his dancing partner and wife) won 10 championships in the Ukraine. She then went on to acquire a World Champion winner as her coach.

Monika move to the U.S in 2008 and moved into a Chicago apartment. It was several weeks before she found out that she was living across the street from a dance studio. As fate would have it– it was the former site of the Interclub Academy of Dance!

In the following video you’ll see Monika and Erwin performing a dance routine that displays her world class talent.