Marcin Strozyk

Chicago Hip Hop Dance: MarcinMarcin began his dancing training at the at the age of 7 when his mother enrolled him in dance classes.  While most of his friends at the school eventually dropped out, Marcin stayed because he loved it.

His first training was in Ballroom and Latin dance– the styles his mother favored.  Before long Marcin realized that it was something he really liked too.  He also played baseball and other sports with his neighborhood friends, but found himself quitting sports when it interfered with his dancing.

At 15 his dance interest expanded to Hip Hop dance, having seen it so often at his school.  He found himself learning from street dancers then, soon, began looking for more formal instruction.

Building upon his Ballroom and Latin dance background, Marcin advanced quickly in Hip Hop dance.  He also kept up with his Ballroom and Latin dance lessons too.

Marcin Gets Dance Fever

By 2004 Marcin had become a dancer with a local dance company.  His teacher encouraged to try out for a new TV show.  The show was the brainchild of Nigel Lythgote, a former dancer himself, who later became the producer of American Idol.

The TV show was called Dance Fever and Marcin qualified despite the fierce competition in Chicago.  After a taste of show biz, Vegas, and the entertainment world, he set his sight on performance.  Two years later, he performed several episodes of Nigel’s newest show — So You Think You Can Dance.

Marcin now teaches Hip Hop dance classes and Hip Hop classes for adults and children in Chicago at the Interclub Academy of Dance.  He’s also an accomplished dancer on our competition team.

Check our dance class schedule and find out when you or your child can enroll in Marcin’s next Hip Hop dance class.